The launch of Parasport

Feb 2019

Paralympic champion Jonnie Peacock MBE and ParalympicsGB launch hub to inspire disabled people to be more active.

Last year we were excited to learn that ParalympicsGB and double Paralympic champion Jonnie Peacock, with the support of Toyota, launched a new online hub to help disabled people become more active.

Parasport connects disabled people to opportunities to be active, increases awareness of activities through listings, and challenges attitudes to disability and activity by providing information and inspiration.

One of the hub’s many plus points is that in creating an online community, it connects disabled people looking for a more active life to like-minded folk. The key message is that there is always hope – and an active, fulfilled life is part of that.

We were heartened to see a big brand like Toyota offering their support. Toyota is already an important supporter of the Paralympics with their Mobility for All campaign, which says that freedom of movement is a basic right for everyone, regardless of disability or ability. Inclusive attitudes championed by high-profile names are vital in inspiring disabled people to get active, as well as to challenge an outmoded focus on what people aren’t able to do.

Huge good luck Jonny and ParalympicGB for this excellent initiative, and Toyota for making it happen.